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We are grateful to our anonymous donors who are generously sponsoring annual scholarships to Amplified Artists.

These scholarships are geared for theater artists who believe their artistic potential has remained untapped due to financial means and/or inequitable access to tools and opportunities.

Our mission is to help artists create abundance in both their careers and lives. We believe being an artist and a human is one and the same.

Your financial support would provide education, coaching, and networking to help an artist build a robust career and thereby forge a bountiful life.

Sponsorship Options

Artists may join Amplified Artists as either a monthly or annual member. Our scholarships work in tandem with that structure.

Your sponsorship covers 100% of the membership fees during the duration of the scholarship. The current membership rates are $39 monthly or $395 annually.

Based on that, here are the two recommended sponsorship options*:

  • Six-Month Scholarship: $234 
  • Annual Scholarship: $395 
*You may also sponsor another amount of your choosing.

How It Works

These are anonymous sponsorships. Your name and identity are kept fully confidential throughout.

At certain times during the year, we open an application period for the next round of scholarships. The scholarship you sponsor will be included in our next round. 

Candidates are then selected after a review process and based on the number of scholarships available at that time.

Your generosity helps us accommodate a larger pool of artists, so thank you!

Start Your Sponsorship

Please select the option you would like and complete the form. After submitting it, you will receive an email confirmation receipt.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Looking to Apply for a Scholarship?

Please visit our Scholarship page to see the current available scholarships and information on how to apply.

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